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Cheryl Kutenha

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We’re addicted and just can’t get enough 😍 Introducing to you one of our hosts Cheryl Kutenha. A young dynamic Zimbabwean currently residing in South Africa 🇿🇦 _____________________________________________

Cheryl Nkosi is a Trade and Investment Assistant to the Commissioner of an embassy in Johannesburg. Outside of the everyday duties of this job, she is the founder and head designer of the brand BBNRY which is kicking off in West and Southern Africa. When she is not designing, or in the office Cheryl is a public speaker and debater and has competed at provincial level competitions as well as national competitions in Zimbabwe, being the first ever to lead her former high school to the finals of the debating league at provincial level.
Cheryl holds two qualifications from Monash University Australia and Monash South Africa (BSSc in International Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice) and through her tertiary education has had the opportunity to work in security protocol management at notable events including Internationalisation and Africa hosted by Tony Blair. This is all driven by her desire to never be content with average after serving as the Junior Chief Whip of Harare heading the Disciplinary Committee of the Junior Harare City Council. Cheryl has also competed at the World Championships of Performing Arts in modelling and advertising, returning home with a bronze medal for her performance.
Currently Cheryl is pursuing a postgraduate degree which focuses on the Globalisation of Human Rights with a particular focus on economic migration in Johannesburg South.

Check out her session below.

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