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Curtly Gwindi

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Our first host on our platform Curtly Gwindi

Curtly Gwindi is a ​Media Broadcaster, Professional Public Speaker, Influencer and Branding Expert​ who on the first encounter with you, will give you the impression of a somebody itching to have a microphone in his hand. His professional work experience has covered the intersections of social media marketing, youth advocacy, television and radio, politics and most recently has become the
Marketing Strategist for a project running under an multi-faceted African conglomerate. In such a short space of time Curtly has managed to achieve a considerable amount including being Media Personality of the Year” at the under the Steward Bank accredited Awards and a degree in Philosophy and Linguistics from the University of Zimbabwe. What will truly fascinate you are his plans for the future, stay tuned as Incorporate Zim is incorporated into his world tomorrow.

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