Gabriel Matemba

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Meet Gabriel Matemba, A young sharp mind from Prince Edward School. A Clean Tech International Science Compeition Recipient
“I noticed that we have water shortages in the country so I wanted to introduce this system which saves water by 90%. Subsistence farmers especially have a small space of land, so I want to find a way that they can produce higher yields from their land, thus the project produces 6 times the amount that were producing on their land. Aquaponics project owner may leave for other duties while controlling the farming process over the phone. Other reasons that made me come up with the project include; financial problems resulting in the inability to buy fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; high costs of food and transport fees for settlers of land unsuitable for farming- i.e. rocky areas; lack of employment leading to many problems e.g theft, prostitution and spreading of diseases; and climate change which has resulted in deaths and starvation of people due to drought.”
This year has truly been one for the books for Gabriel.Hw participated in the Clean Tech Challenge which is an international Science competition, in which students apply with their projects and 30 semifinalists are chosen per each category. Out of the thousands of students that applied and over 560 international projects which were received Gabriel was able to come in second place. In attaining this position he defeated contestants from United States of America, Singapore, Italy, Philippines, China just to name a few.

Earlier this year he also exhibited in this year’s Zimbabwe Science Fair and won the Exceptional GENIUS Award in honor of a project that displays excellent work on environment, a certificate of Outstanding Achievement as a Genius Olympiad Finalist, a certificate of being Senior Finalist and certificate representing Prince Edward School for a science project addressing issues of sustainable development. “Furthermore I exhibited at Africa Science Buskers and won a fully funded trip to Argentina , Peoples’ choice award and a certificate.” #StemNgazviendeMberi

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