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Tanaka Mukudzavhu

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Meet Tanaka Mukudzavhu ! A young Zimbabwean currently residing in the United States who has not let being away from home make her feel helpless or incapable of helping out. Instead, being away from home has made her ever more vigorous to change the livelihoods of many children back home not in her position.

In 2014 she began the Tanaka Education Fund when she was just 12 years old. She recalls how she used to get an allowance from her parents about $50 or so, and and started to think and remember the stories her my mom told me about her childhood and her rough upbringing due to property. “Because of the stories that she told me it allowed me to brainstorm different ideas of what I could do with my money to give back to my own community so I began sending my allowance to Zimbabwe to help those who I believed even at a young age had less than me and I began recognizing my own privilege in that way.” ___________________________________________ “As of right now we have managed to pay for the school fees of 49 kids and as we have and are continuing to supply books pencils beans school uniforms and sanitary wear to the young girls in the schools that we sponsor and this is an ongoing plan for us to continue supplying these necessities to the children.” We plan to sponsor more children greater than 49 And to sponsor more schools with a greater range of students from different ages up until University so we can really see these kids through to their higher education into their future careers. We also want to spread out into more areas in Zimbabwe not only the Masvingo area but other areas as well. We would also like to renovate some of the classrooms in these schools and supply tables and chairs…and also fix the flooring in these classrooms as there are major cracks in the floor and on the roofs which can be harmful to students and teachers. Some of these roofs Are being held by rocks which again poses another danger to the members of the schools.” __________
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