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Tanya Chiza

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Meet our spotlight Tanya Chiza

The founder and creator of Dzwa which aims at promoting the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations.
“I am a 21 year old Zimbabwean girl studying Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University.I am very ambitious and from a very young age i was always looking for opportunities to better other people’s lives.
Given the current global crisis of plastic waste in landfills an oceans which are very harmful to humans an animals. I decided to use the basic skill of fashion and fabrics i learnt at the Dominican Convent High School  Harare and I began making cloth bags. These Bags are multipurpose  and must be used instead of plastic bags . They are very strong and durable  and come in different colors and styles.
My aspiration in life is to reverse the effects of global warming and environmental pollution to also given future generations the opportunity to enjoy the nature in all its glory. Visit my Instagram page : dzwa_zw for more details and feel free to contact me.

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