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Arlington Taylor Mawarire, AyTee

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Meet our Host AyTee, government name – Arlington Taylor Mawarire, was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Moving between the capital City , Harare and the “second capital” Bulawayo, AyTee grew up as the last of 3 boys. Due to his older siblings , AyTee grew fond of 90s Music and the emergence of Urbane Grooves (a local sub genre of hip hop and RnB that emerged in Zimbabwe). _________
With all this exposure, AyTee became interested with music at a young age and this resulted in him learning production and Song writing at the tender age of 14 (2008). Since then, Aytee went from Gazebos at high school to bedroom studios, to finally setting up an amateur studio. From that establishment, AyTee has been exposed to some of Zimbabwe’s best Musicians, Producers and song writers and all these lessons reflect in his music.
AyTee is a multifaceted artist. His Major sound is centred around Afro-Fusion, (which is a blend of African sonics and the wit and bravado of hip hop/RnB), Afrobeats, Hip Hop And RnB. He’s sound is also heavily influenced by Urban grooves and is often the inspiration during his writing and singing process
Vocal – With a 2nd tenor /baritone vocal range, and the occasional falsetto, AyTee’s vocal range is pretty diverse from a singing perspective. When they come to Rapping, AyTee also has a mid tone execution and demanding presence when he is “spittin”. ________
Song writing – AyTee’s dexterity when song writing is mostly based from his exposure to a wide variety of pop culture and with the help of being bilingual (Shona and English), his song writing is very diverse, the goal being to appease the local and international market while painting a clear picture with his words.
Producing/Record Engineering – Due to necessity , AyTee taught himself how to operate popular DAWs (Reason, FL Studio, Cubase And Garage Band) to create , mix and master his music. Apart from the self tutoring, AyTee got mentor ship from Mix masterz International(Sound Production Company in Zimbabwe/South Africa) Co-Founder and Head Producer, Shayzar Zimanyi. With this exposure, AyTee was exposed to international artists from around Africa and overseas .

Checkout his session below

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