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Blessing Mutamba

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Meet our Spotlight Blessing Mutamba, who is the 2019 winner of Miss Ireland International and a Listings Analyst at the International Stock Exchange. She is a strong advocate for young Zimbabweans in business.
Originally from Mutare I left Zimbabwe when I was 7 years old and grew up in Ireland before moving to Guernsey, Channel Islands when I was 14. I did my GCSEs and A Levels in Guernsey during which I knew I had a flair for leadership and organisational skills but didn’t quite know how to translate that into my studies. So, I went about starting my own charitable organisation when I was 17 where I put together events and other social gatherings to raise money for the work Save the Children was doing in Zimbabwe at the time.
Blessing graduated in 2018 and in the same year she started working for the International Stock Exchange as an Assistant Analyst. Then, in 2019 she won Miss Ireland International where she started working on building a legacy with a purpose even before her reign was over. As an added bonus, she was promoted to Analyst at work too and being able to smash her goals her living her dream life.
“During my time as queen, I did a lot of community outreach because I wanted to advocate for enabling young Zimbabweans both at home and abroad to engage in entrepreneurship. This meant looking at all the factors that affect students’ quality of education from home life to financial support so through the course of this research I partnered with GirlUp Zimbabwe, Katswe Sistahood and other charitable organisations.
Currently I am working towards starting my own charitable foundation which will provide entrepreneurial mentorship , micro financing and coaching services primarily to the youth of her home provide in Manicaland. I am now back to developing my luxury gifts and experience business whilst crowdfunding to help with Zimbabwe’s response to COVID-19 under the Zimbabwe Bright Futures Syndicate – be sure to search it on social media. In the meantime, I have put financial support forward to assist high achieving A Level graduates in Mutare with any education associated costs.

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