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Keith Guzah Jr, KapCity

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Meet Today’s Spotlight KapCity, known as Keith Guzah Jr, was heavily influenced by the likes of Lil Bow Wow (at the time), Coolio, Lil Romeo, Nelly, Tupac, Snoop and the list goes on. Seeing Bow Wow achieve success at such a young age drove his passion. He wrote his first verse at 9 years old.
Having to move back to Zimbabwe at 11 years old, he decided to carry his passion with him. He immediately got into studio and recorded his first song; Lets Party, with his younger brother Kevin. Together at the time Kap was known as Lil Keith.
He went on to transcend his musical genius in all capacities in his life, from primary school to highschool and onto college where he attended CPUT in Cape Town, South Africa.
After graduating, he continued to pursue his career and landed an MCing gig at South Africa’s premium clubs mainly COCO based in Cape Town. He has also been fortunate enough to work with well known South African artists and DJs namely; DJ Capital, C-Live, DJ Milkshake, Nadia Nakai, DJ Ph and th elist goes on. He also co-hosted Ultra South Africa in 2015 alongside DJ Fresh.
He then decided to try new waters in the USA (Miami) where his passion has always been and that Is currently where he is based. He got notice of hiphop mogul P Diddy after displaying a very courageous stunt at the annual Revolt Music Conference in 2015. KapCity pretended to ask a question during a Live Q & A and instead took the opportunity to launch a killer freestyle capturing the attention of everyone (including the panelists, in attendance. P Diddy proceeded to give KapCity a standing ovation and he gained immediate international recognition and respect.
KapCity has dropped a couple projects since living in Miami such as It Feels Good To Be Home, Jump The Border, Diaspora and the recent OverQualified EP. His latest release is his hit new single called M.I.A produced by Cashmoney AP who’s a staple in today’s hip-hop producer market! Kap released the video for M.I.A on June 15, 2020 and is making waves across the internet with grand support.

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