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Kudakwashe Mukudu

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Bringing you our Spotlight Kudakwashe Mukudu. The Owner / Founder of Manda Brands a digital media company focusing on the website and website-related services.
I started web design as an elective in varsity and something in me thought if I could charge a lower fee than big corporate design companies I could make quite a bit of money on the side. I remember starting my first project without a clue on what I was doing, YouTube opens on one tab and my code on the other. It’s been years after that and the knowledge that I have gained in those years is irreplaceable.
Before Information Technology I was a finance student but the passion I had for technology would not go away until I found myself in the field. My dream is to create, and by create I mean create anything. Whether it’s robotics or artificial intelligence I’ve just always had a love for watching something I created to operate. The journey has not been easy offering my services in Africa cause unlike other fields the freelancer market is full of cons and that takes away business from the real grinders. I’ve worked with many artists/media personalities/ corporates and not a day goes by where I do not appreciate the craft.
The next project is an online shop that caters to digital creators. This shop will feature poster templates, video templates for the YouTubers, WordPress themes for bloggers and designers and all resources available in local currency. I just want to see people make cool things and I feel sometimes as Zimbabwean we just lack the material to do that.

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