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Kudzai Ngangira

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Meet Kudzai Ngangira -founder of Kukscakes
I’ve just completed my undergraduate degree – Bachelor of Commerce with specialisation in Entrepreneurial Management and I’ll be pursuing an Honours Degree in Marketing in 2020.
I absolutely love cake! At a very young age, every time my mother made her famous Madeira cake batter, my brother and I would make ‘bookings’ and still find ourselves grappling for the mixing bowl or spatula. In line for bowl and spoon licking, little Kuks started learning how to bake; watching and analysing every step of the process and even adding the cup/s of sugar, just to understand how mummy made us our scrumptious treats.
The decorating and sculpting skills came naturally as a result of watching and trying out ideas obtained from YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. My father is also a creative, that’s where my artistic juices flow from.
My baking hobby turned into a small business overnight. One day In 2016 we had visitors and I had just baked a chocolate cake. One of the ladies who tasted the cake thoroughly enjoyed it and asked me to make a cake for her daughter’s birthday and said she would pay me. Soon after that happened, I started posting pictures of all the cakes (even the ugly ones) I made on Instagram for fun and surprisingly orders started coming through.
A few months later I had to create a brand name for my Instagram page, @kukscakes, and that’s when I officially started baking commercially and building my brand.
Never underestimate a side-hustle.
If you can do ANYTHING effortlessly, find a way to make money from it! Don’t waste time procrastinating about finding the right time to do it, now is the time!
On top of staying positive and being your own motivator, find people who are supportive of what you’re trying to achieve because sometimes things get extremely tough- you need those people to remind you how excited you were about ‘your thing’. When you’re passionate about ‘your thing’, it doesn’t feel like work anymore, so why not enjoy doing something you love doing and earn extra money?

Positivity is key! Stay positive and let God take care of everything else.

Checkout her session below

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