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“ Don’t Die With The Music Still In You”.
Pleasure in introducing you to our spotlight Lorraine Bgoya who is more passionately known as Lochnation. A complete Arts Junky , she is an intellectual property professional and a former online personality.

“My journey is inspired by art, music and culture. Ever since I started on this path the lead gene was to create platforms and programs that spotlight young creative people, places and business. My exposure to the creative sector in Africa, Zimbabwe specifically, was  so culturally enriching it changed the trajectory of my professional ambitions. Through everything I’m involved in, I try to increase the visibility of diverse talent ,promote the development of arts and culture ,while creating a link to the global creative world.My time in the US exposed me to the value  of arts and entertainment and the benefits of a functioning creative economy. I realized I wanted to be part of making the sector great again and I’ve been trying to play my part ever since.” _________
Off The Wall with Dan & Lo
Producing and presenting a magazine radio show on the then brand new  @ZiFMStereo from 2012-2015 with my good friend @DannyThatGuy . The show was big on promoting local popular music, celebrating the culture ,  taste making and creating a link to the global entertainment world that wasn’t there before. Notably had the pleasure of interviewing D’banj, Dr Sid and Ice Prince to international stars such as the Estelle, US Eve to our very own chart topping pop princesses like Tinashe &  Shingai Shoniwa.
The Fest Gurus
A travel style documentary show that  follows four young passionate creatives as they explore Africa through its celebrations of art, music and culture. The Fest Guru’s has been featured on the CNN African Voices platform and in 2018 premiered on DSTV’s Zambezi Magic.
Moto Republik
Founding Community Manager of Moto Republik, the first creative co-creation and co-working space in Zimbabwe.
Women Create Worlds
Last year she launched Women Create Worlds at @shokofestival s for women looking to make their creative career dreams a reality in Zimbabwe.

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