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Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa

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Meet our spotlight the Minister of Information Honourable Monica Mutsvangwa who decided at the meager age of 15 to serve the country. In a career which spans 4 decades she has notably served as the Minster, Senator and the Vice President of SADC Parliamentary Forum.
“As a young black girl the only professions you could aspire to be were a teacher or a nurse but my upbringing led me to have a bigger vision in mind. I must pay tribute to the speeches of one Bishop at Mutambara High School then who constantly preached about bravery and why it is important to fight for one’s country which gave us courage which was above normal at the time. Deeply inspired by this and the independence of Mozambique me and a group of three other girls (Sophia Munakandafa ,Veronica Chigumira , Wynette Mupita decided to collectively leave school and join the arm struggle in 1976. “
My message to the younger generation is a simple and sincere one . It is important to always be patriotic, to love your country because God gave you that country.
Each Zimbabwean must ask themselves ‘what is it that I can do for my country so that my country will not be a laughing stock.’
We all have a role in the making of Zimbabwe. As the youth and tomorrow’s leaders It is important to know the history of this country , where we came from, independence was not given on a platter. A lot of young people died in thick forests where they were never buried. It was a TOUGH struggle. We need to build on what that generation worked for. We need to remember the principles that we fought for EQUALITY, JUSTICE , NO RACISM/TRIBALISM , LOVE each and everyone .
“Zimbabwe is for us all , if it was a company all Zimbabweans are all equal shareholders. Even in despair let us always remember that this is our country together.Those gallant sons and daughters that went to fight did not go to fight for a flag , they went to fight for opportunities for each and every Zimbabwean. Let us unite , if we are united we push together towards the same direction.“

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