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Panashe Mugwise

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Meet our Host Panashe Mugwise, a 24-year-old medical student in his final year, and a self-taught professional photographer. I started my medical degree in 2015 and two years later, I discovered my hidden passion and love for light and photography. My studying of medicine and my photography have managed to change not only my perspective but, also my approach to life in an amazingly positive way.
From a young age, I have always been a storyteller who preferred to make use of very few words, and this was wholly complemented by photography. A simple well-captured image may be just as powerful as a story told by an infinite number of words. I started taking pictures, or rather capturing moments, in 2017. After countless hours of hard work, learning and persevering, I can proudly claim that my skills have grown exponentially.
My taking of pictures stemmed from my fascination with light and how it can bring out the most in an image. Having been a keen student of Physics in High School, these principles of light that I learned have continued to fascinate me even more in my photography.
As of next year, I will be a qualified Junior Medical Doctor from the University of Zimbabwe. This comes after an interesting journey, juxtaposed with discovering my love for photography and fitness. The idea of becoming a Doctor in 2021 is surreal to me because this has also been a dream of mine! Having achieved the best results at IGCSE and Advanced Level in Zimbabwe back in my High School years, I have always wanted to use my intellectual talents to help people. And what better way than to help people capture their most cherished moments or getting them back to good health.
I aspire is to be of positive influence on the people of my generation. I would love to live in a world where everyone discovers their true talents and purpose in their lifetime. I would love to strongly encourage people around me to become better because I have also managed to achieve all that I have by being encouraged by those around me.

Checkout his session below

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