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Tapiwa Bengewa

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Meet our Spotlight Tapiwa Bengewa an 18-year-old, U6 student at Gokomere High School, Junior Senator for Masvingo District and the Founder and Executive Director of Wekwedu Youth With Difference.
“I began my journey of being the change I want to be in 2017, it was when our town house was made a boarding house and we had to move to live at the farm in Mushandike. Shifting from an urban lifestyle to becoming a country boy made me realise that as the world and country is progressing, we are leaving behind so many people. The marginalization gap grew day by day. I became passionate about changing communities and lives. Seeing that a number of young people did not know what was happening in the country, the changes taking place which would ultimately have an impact on their lives, the opportunities that were lost, poor lives young people led because of unemployment.
As Wekwedu YWD we are empowering marginalised young people to become key economic drivers through skills development in the areas of Literacy & Numeracy, Vocational Skills, Entrepreneurship and Village Savings and Lending. We have our online motivation where young people DM how their thoughts, during the 16 Days Against GBV we ran an online campaign to raise awareness.
Zimbabwe is regarded as one of the most literate countries yet one of the poorest; it is because those who are illiterate are totally illiterate. The gap needed to be filled That’s when I began Wekwedu YWD.
Wekwedu Youth With Difference believes that preparing the youth to become principal actors and decision makers in their own economic development is an important step for the eventual transition into adulthood and out of poverty. Young people are the future generation, as such they need to be prepared for responsibilities and become productive adults that are able to provide for their own families as well as contributing to civil society development. The overall goal of the project is therefore to empower the youth and drive a new era of Entrepreneurship Development, growth & productivity & confidence to participate in society.

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