So how do we go from that, how do we start gaining back control, and don’t get this wrong there’s nothing wrong with living your best life, please live to your fullest, the question is are you living you best life for you or for the image that people have created for you.. Because everyone has a piece of greatness in them and in a lot of situations society will judge and put a measure on you to control you and keep you from accessing and growing to the greatness that is in your blueprint.. And by society we mean everyone around you, and everyone around them and so on. It’s a repetitive loop of judgment.. But are you ready to face that fear and take responsibility in saying that where you are now and everything that’s happening good or bad is a result of your decisions(big or small), and your mental state and from there you choose to stop listening to all the judgement that comes in and start listening to that little voice you have inside you that you’ve been putting down because you’re scared to confront it.. But that’s the very same voice that will lead you to be the best version of you.. – @incorporatezim 🇿🇼
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