The easiest way to start this conversation is to say and admit that we are living through a very highly opinionated era, and who can blame us?
From the very moment of our birth we are taught to pay attention and take heed to what people think about us to the point were it has become so normal, so deeply engraved throughout all our generations that we build our lives off the thoughts of what people think about us and we don’t even notice that we do.. If we’re keeping it real some people live it up for weekends because other people expect them to.. and when they don’t they don’t they feel like their not relevant(they call it fomo)

But is this all we’re meant for ?

Are we meant to consistently try prove our worth to external sources. And the truth is everyone passes through this, some never get out because they’ve become dependant on the validation they receive from a life they haven’t chosen, but sometimes a few do get out, and it’s those that realise and accept they’re unhappy because the life they live now, is not one they’ve chosen. – @incorporatezim 🇿🇼
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