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Gugulethu Garwe, Ulethu

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Meet the beautiful Ulethu, birth name Gugulethu Garwe, was born 3 August 1984. She is an inspirational artist, brought up listening to musical legends such as Queen, Goo Goo Dolls, Anita Baker, Brenda Fasi, Aretha Franklin and Oliver Mutukudzi to mention a few.
Over the years, the various artists she has listened to, imitated and learnt from, have given her an impressive and dynamic vocal ability.
Being a poetry writer since school, participating in choirs & singing groups and also growing up in church eventually led to her writing and singing her own songs. Her confidence and skills have been sharpened as a result of her spiritual journey and faith.
Afro-soul turned out to be her genre, her songs of inspiration express the values she has known and lives by such as love, respect, empathy and righteousness. Ulethu’s songs have a dominant theme of Love.
Ulethu is well known for the hit single “Huya”, produced by Reverb7, which topped the charts on Starfm Zimbabwe in 2016Z Latest track released this year is “Ngayiwande” a feel good dance track which is one of many songs on an album collaboration with Reverb7.
Ulethu has also collaborated with American based Zimbabwean music producer and artist Peter Musemi aka Thulani, on “ingoma yakho” a feel good house track.
Mokoomba is so far the biggest international band she has worked with on a song which will be featured in the next album.
Ulethu’s songs can be accessed on the following platforms :soundcloud , iTunes
YouTube, Spotify and Amazon.
facebook: ulethu




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