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“To the Polish, Kasia means pure. To me, it means that I have a vision, a vision as big as the continent my name holds, and the K symbolises how quickly I will accept every opportunity coming my way. Asia with a K is a phrase beyond how to pronounce it. It’s my spirit.”

Proudly Zimbabwean, meet today’s host Kasia who is a performing arts enthusiast and social activist. She was raised by a father who started off as a BBC journalist and today owns a media group. and a mother who is a former UN employee and a gender activist with businesses in healthcare and home rental. As a result of the influence of both her parents’ career paths, Kasia has grown to strongly believe in the art of designing. This includes:
Designing Art
My deepest passion is music. That is the artform closest to my heart. Writing songs, playing instruments and performing/recording them is how I communicate and how I listen. Dance and fashion are the other artforms I embody. To design art is to acknowledge the power of these and to know how easily these things unite us. That’s what I want to do, I want to connect with people through designing art.
Designing Technology
The media has had a big effect on how African and black communities are perceived. My love for video editing and graphic content creating is the gateway I want to use to help change that. When I watch movies and series I also study the choice of music and how the camera moves because all those things are what contribute to the art of designing technology.
Designing Society
The three narratives I’m most passionate about are race, religion and gender. I want better for everyone in all those areas. That includes racial harmony, religious peace and gender equality. I want people to feel okay with how they choose to identify themselves and I want society to be okay with that too. I see Zimbabwe’s community as a little behind due to being set back into outdated patriarchal beliefs. The power structure is not beneficial to all women, and I want to be a part of that change. If we want to create a better world for our next generation, that starts with designing a better society.

Checkout her session below

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