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Nyasha Batidzirai

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Meet our Host 23 year old Nyasha Batidzirai a.k.a Nabby107 is currently a postgraduate student in information systems at Wits University who, as an introvert, found comfort and joy in creating content on youtube at the beginning of the South African lockdown (24th of march 2020).

The channel started out of pure boredom with very little direction and has since blossomed into something worth following. The main focus of the channel is showcasing African talent as there is currently very little representation of African people and culture on the youtube platform, especially Zimbabweans, and this discovery has been the her inspiration. Talented people within the music and film industry are showcased on the channel and through this, it has given Nabby107 the opportunity to discover some great actors and musicians and create new networks in the process whilst supporting them.
A segment on the channel titled “Friday night with Nabby” is dedicated to showcasing artists with the aim of helping them collaborate and potentially get discovered by record labels. It has featured some well known young musicians e.g. Hillzy, AyTee, Souljae 5nine, Valee music. Actors are showcased mostly through Q and As and because of this the title “the next oprah” has become associated with Nabby107 and it also aims to connect actors scout scouting agencies. Actors from the well known zimbabwean web series “Wadiwa wepa moyo” and South african Netflix series “Blood and Water” have been featured. With the help of other zimbabwean YouTube content creators, viewers occasionally get to watch a mini travel guide whereby Nabby107 questions people in other countries about the culture, food, vibes and places to visit so as to explore different cities and countries. Nabby believes that a lot of this has all been possible because of the law of attraction which is all about attracting positivity and having a positive mindset towards life. With this said, Nabby107 lives and believes in a quote by Buddha that reads “What you think, you become”. She strongly believes this has led to her recognition by other creators (such as The African Millennial podcast)

Checkout her session below

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