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Tinotenda Nyakudzuka

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Meet our Spotlight Tinotenda Nyakudzuka, the co founder and writer for Z-Carculture which is a brand dedicated to create automotive content. Our main focus is the “Z” in the name as we are very much fascinated by the car culture in Zimbabwe and how it is growing and where it is headed.
“I have always had a love for cars all my life and my peers from Hillcrest where I did my primary and secondary education can attest to that.On this exciting quest, Im joined by Kudzanai Manyau who is the other co founder as well as five other gentlemen dedicated to the cause as the enthusiasm of cars brought us together from varying backgrounds which is another testament of how contrary to popular beliefs, cars actually bring people together like football.
The Z_CarCulture idea came about in late 2018 where my co founder and dear friend of mine and me in senior year of varsity, realised the lack of Zimbabwean based automotive content. As a relatively new venture and with the majority of the team fresh out of university or on their way, our presence is online based with much more to come in the future as each member continues to add value from their respective homes.
I am currently a Marketing student awaiting graduation at the time of this write up which gets me excited as I hope to use the extra free time to not wait for a job to come to me but for me to be the job creator.As Z-CarCulture, our content is predominantly in the form of weekly articles written by myself. I try each week to come up with the most impelling automotive related subject matter and write about it. Notable ones are “Types of Zimbo Drivers” and “Zimbabwe and Electric Vehicles.” In addition to that we have recently started producing podcasts which you can access.
We are currently working on videos which we will begin to post in the following few months on Youtube. Outdoor car reviews, test drives and event coverage are other things we hope to fully explore once the pandemic is behind us.
Z-CarCulture is destined for great things in the short and long term.

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