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Tanaka Newell Manjengwa

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Meet our Host Tanaka Newell Manjengwa!

“I am a season marketing strategist by profession. Young, hungry and ready to get my mines. Brought up in the deep neighborhood of Hatfield in Harare I stem from the hales of Mutare ‘’kuma komoyo’’. I am now based in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg Fourways.
Having migrated from a hockey career in the western cape, my new life took a toll in the fast laned of Gauteng. Unlike Capetown, Jo’burg is a very busy and hardworking city. I took my time to settle in and find my feet.  With a little bit of a push from my family’s history I was destined to begin my own start up.”

My start up consultancy Newcorn Branding has my been my baby from the day I birthed it. I have been invovled in consultancy work for small end companies starting up. What can I say ‘’I find drive and motivation from business’’ something my old man would always say. As a Marketing consultancy that has brand in its very back-bone, we spend fair amount of time educating exactly what this word means. Newcorn branding understands the crucial first step in creating a visual identity that is both gorgeous and strategically informed.

Newcorn Branding is a multi-disciplinary Marketing and branding company. Through design-driven thought, we shape the meaningful stories on which great brands are born. As a marketing initiative, we are strongly rooted in design thinking and marketing execution, Newcorn delivers expertly crafted brands. With thoughtful consideration for every moment in the brand journey, we shape meaningful multi-platform branding experiences.

As a marketing genius, my goal together with Newcorn Branding Consultancy is to perform marketing excellence at its highest level. One day, Newcorn will become the cornerstone and the Micheal Jordan in the field of marketing. @newcorn_branding

View his session here

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