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Darren Goneke

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Darren Munashe Goneke is a Zimbabwean born businessman, and philanthropist.

His mission: To make the world a better place by improving the quality of life for human beings all over the world. In the coming year Rotaractors will find that Darren Goneke is not one to stand on the side lines while others do the work. But equally important for Darren is the philosophy that working hard doesn’t mean you can’t also have a good time. As he spends this year getting people on board — especially to carry out his highest priority, investing in education & health — he also does his best to make sure everyone is having the time of their lives.

Darren Goneke is an atypical Rotaract president, his easy confidence and self-assurance have been hard won. Serving as Vice President in his second year and President in his third his ambition stems from his late grandfather Ambrose Ashly Chikukwa, a Stanford and Columbia University Graduate who was the first black president of the Rotary Club of Harare which is the oldest Rotary Club in the Country

He joined the Club because he strongly believes every person deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life. Two years later as president, despite how much things have changed, that is still his most important driving principle.

As always, George Rwodzi—a friend, business partner and source of great advice—put it a little more colourfully. When Darren told him about his presidential ambitions, he urged him to “leave it all on the field.” That’s a phrase many sports fans will recognize. “It means, give it everything you got! Do your very best. It’s the definition of greatness.” That’s how Darren envisions his presidency too. The goal isn’t just incremental progress. It’s to put the full force of our efforts and resources behind our projects that will save and improve lives .

Before Darren’s grandfather passed on, he told him something he’ll always remember: “Your lifetime here on earth will, in the end, be a verdict on your recognition of the extraordinary obligations which accompany extraordinary resources.” Darren has worked to live up to those obligations

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