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Felicitas Tarisai Karemba

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Meet our Host Felicitas Tarisai Karemba is a 24 year old makeup artist and digital content creator who creates beauty, lifestyle and plus size fashion content on Youtube and Instagram who recently obtained her LLB degree.

Tarisai currently works as an online English teacher and freelance makeup artist and hopes to work in policy and legislation development particularly in the field of social work in Zimbabwe to ensure smooth running systems backed by the law to protect the needs of women and children  that promote social change, development and empowerment.

Tarisai creates beauty, lifestyle and fashion content because she wants to ensure the inclusion of plus sized women in a society where body shaming is rife and women’s bodies and way of life is policed. She wants to help women living in Zimbabwe and in Africa to know that it’s okay to wear makeup  and dress as they wish because no one has the right to make anyone feel less than or imply that one lack morals for wearing makeup or dressing fashionably even when they’re plus sized.

She also wants to ensure that the beauty and fashion industries in Africa and in Zimbabwe continue to evolve to include black women of all sizes and complexions eg making complexion products with adequate shade range at affordable prices and including bigger sizes in their fast fashion collections.

Tarisai studied law because she saw that the law is lacking in certain areas in such a way that women and children are often left vulnerable and unprotected and the best way to fix the system is from the inside out by learning the ins and outs of that system.
Tarisai currently does makeup reviews and tutorials on Youtube and Instagram as well as Youtube and plans to further her studies in the near future.

View her session below

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