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Everything Double Double 💥 Meet our Spotlights Fungai Muzoroza (21) and Rufaro Kasukuwere (21). The brains and architects behind – FungaixRufaro .

Established June 2019 FungaixRufaro came about from our mutual interest in fashion but from also seeing the lack of diversity and representation within the Zimbabwean fashion industry especially for plus size men and women.We helped ourselves build it but Fungai’s mom has played a big part in helping us.We’re both currently located in the UK for university, so we source our fabric either from the UK or Zim but all production at the moment is in Zimbabwe. Fungai is studying for a bachelor of arts in Fashion and Rufaro a bachelor of science in International Business

We’ve designed and released 2 collections and in the process of designing and releasing a third. Takura Moyo wore one of pieces from our ‘Kwatirikuenda’ collection for his ‘No Stopping’ music video. Tamy Moyo and Tahle weDzinza have also performed in pieces from both our ‘Tisu’ and ‘Kwatirikuenda’ collections
. We are set to debut our collections in the Undiscovered Fashion Show in the UK in September this year.

The unstable Zimbabwean economy makes it difficult for us to be able to fully operate from there but we still by all means try to overcome this the best way we can. Having to operate from two different places whilst being in school makes it difficult to sell our clothes because we have no other help and our time is also split.  Financial it can be straining because it is coming straight from our own pockets granted that we’re both on student budgets. But we both have part-time jobs to try make a little extra money.

In the next 2 years we would like to have our online store fully running and operational, releasing more collections, having a reliable material supplier and hopefully we would have somewhat of a creative team to help us with our content.In 10 years we would hope to be fully operational with a store, hosting events and generally helping to revive and boost the fashion industry within Zimbabwe.

We can be contacted on our Instagram page @fungaixrufaro or our email

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