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Nyasha Madhuku

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Meet our Host Nyasha Madhuku @nyasha.madhuku

I am a 20 year old student currently residing in the United Kingdom for University.
In Zimbabwe I studied at numerous schools, for my primary level I started at SOS in waterfalls and then later transferred to North park primary school. for my secondary school education, I started at Danhiko high school in Masasa and then transferred to Gateway high school where I graduated.

It is through the experiences I gained across this plethora of schools that allowed me to build my tolerance to different individuals from different backgrounds. This is due to the fact that all of these schools exist in different realities of the Zimbabwean society.  Danhiko was particularly special because it was a mix of able-bodied students and disabled students.  This opened my eyes to the different realities present in Zimbabwe and it led me down a philosophical enlightenment that sent me on a path to fight for justice equality and unity
And I grew up with the father that was politically active and who had been fighting for constitutional change and a better Zimbabwe for all Zimbabweans.

I grew up wanting to change the world and fight for what is right. I idolize people like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and my favorite quote from Martin Luther King is “the most important dates in a person’s life is the day they were born and the day they know why”. One of my many goals is to be in the same conversation of greatness as these two individuals when it comes to activism.  when I was still in Zimbabwe I had been writing  spoken words which tackled different problems in society but it is when I arrived to the UK that my career took off after I made a speech at a black lives matter protest which was followed by an invitation to speak at another protest which happened in Swanage and from that protest I was posted in an article in the local Swanage News Page; now I am preparing to go to another one in Christchurch.

I aspired to one day change the view of Zimbabweans and tackle social injustices and problems to help the populace heal in a good way And I encourage anyone aspiring to do the same.

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