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Emmanuel Nkomo (Rootz)

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Meet our Spotlight Emmanuel Nkomo (Rootz) a Zimbabwean PERCUSSIONIST and band member of the Djembe Monks.

“I believe we were sent here by history… Our ability to use ethnic sounds, electronics, weaving them into Zimbabwean narratives and futuristic themes is the pulse of this unique blend of art called Djembe Monks. My commitment to music is not only a direct response to the politics of the stomach, for a man must eat well to beat those drums like no man’s business – it’s an act of resistance against what is believed to be the norm and rigid ways of life!”

Emmanuel contributes ethnic percussive elements to the sounds and performance of Djembe Monks. His rudimentary and improvisational skills make for an interesting experience that explores a wide range of drumming patterns, grooves and irresistible urges to dance, almost as if one who transcend into a trance. This is the bridge that merges electronics and traditions of drumming passed on from generation to generation.

Emmanuel is a big advocate for Public School Music Education. Private music lessons are expensive yet he reckons many young people could benefit a lot from formal music training. It opens up their horizons and career options in life.

Instruments: Djembe, Congas, Bongos, Ngoma, Timbales, Rototoms.

Facebook: Emmanuel Nkomo
Instagram: @mrmoreteachings
Twitter: @MightyRootz

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