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Fungai Mettler

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Meet our Spotlight Fungai Mettler .She is a multi-passionate creator that believes in the power of stories for championing social and individual responsibility hence her blog and podcast focused on storytelling.

In summary I am a;
CSR Professional /Philanthropist /Podcaster /Speaker /Writer /Storyteller /Mentor /Wife/Sister/Friend – I refuse to be put in a box.

Fungai Mettler is on a mission to help people and organisations to make a positive impact in their communities. She currently works as a Social Business Innovation Professional in a pharmaceutical company where she is responsible for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. She serves on the boards of two non-profit organizations (SwiZimAid and Friends for Matibi and is a Director at SwiZim Trust. All the organizations focus on poverty alleviation in Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

She holds a bachelors and master’s degree and is working on a doctorate in Corporate Responsibility.

•Social Business Innovation Professional (Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa)
•Board Member at Friends for Matibi – A Swiss based NGO that are aimed at alleviating poverty in Matibi (education/self-education, health, organic gardening, water &sanitation)
•Board Member at SwiZimAid Swiss based NGO focused on poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa – (Water & Sanitation, Self-Education)
•Director at SwiZim Trust – an organisation that supports the marginalized through strategic partnerships with various communities in Zimbabwe
•Pursuing a doctorate degree in Corporate Social Responsibility
•Writing a book – Life Story
•Hostess for The Raw Stories Podcast
•Storytelling –

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