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Khotso Nare

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Meet Today’s Spotlight Khotso Nare (Seromolla Sa Mollo) . Khotso is a sound designer and music producer who has been making music since 2006. Apart from producing music for Djembe Monks, Khotso has produced two solo projects; Vacation (2014) and Butterfly (2016).

Khotso adds ornamental elements by complimenting the DJ and Percussionist with electronic drums, synth-pads and keyboards. This brings a hypnotic and bass jacking dimension to the act which explores robotics and the natural elements.

Recently some of the records he produced for Djembe Monks were featured on the Cook Off, the very first Zimbabwean film to show on Netflix.

Being of Sotho origins Khotso was raised in a village called Silonga and the people express their feelings, struggles, joys, stories of poverty and suffering through song. So music has always been a part of his existence.

Instruments: Electronic drums, Synth Pads, Keyboards.

Facebook: Khotso Seromola Nare
Instagram: @seromolasamollo
Twitter: @seromolasamollo

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