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Slimzar Wa Afrika

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Meet our Spotlight Ngqabutho Ncube (Slimzar Wa Afrika) DJ of Djembe Monks.

Slim is one of the most sought after DJs in Bulawayo. He holds a Diploma in Primary School Education, majoring in Music. His passion for music has driven him not only to be an entertainer, but an educator.

Slim, who is a self-taught DJ fell in love with the trade shortly after relocating to South Africa in 2007. He returned to Zimbabwe in 2010 to join the Djembe Monks. Slim occupies the Electronic Dance music space of the collective, jogging the wheel, spinning records and expressing his selector techniques, keeping time and ensuring the live act, breaks and transitions are seamless, infectious and irresistible.

Slim is an educator and hopes he can impart the formal and informal knowledge he gains along the way to younger people so the culture and tradition of creating and arranging music may live on.

The aim of the act is to experiment with bass, rhythm and sound effects, creating a unique blend of electronics and ethnic drums and steel percussion.

Gear: Pioneer CDJ 2000

Facebook: Slimzar Wa Afrika
Instagram: @supermanomnyama
Twitter: @LordSlimzar

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